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(Rock N Roll) Bolt Action Reaction

Moose - Music - vocals, rhythm & lead guitars, bass, production
Inngr8 - Lyrics
Fred Jam (Keeper) - Drums

Bolt Action Reaction

Bolt Action Reaction
Suicide on a dismal day
Can’t get satisfaction
Excuses get in the way

Bolt Action Reaction
Sacrificing innocence
On the Alter of Truth
It don't make no sense

Too late to negotiate
Your mouth getting dry
As your sanity's slipping away
Do you even know why?

Bolt Action Reaction
Can’t believe what you read
Addicted to guilt
Everybody don't need to feed

Bolt Action Reaction
Your brain and mouth disengage
Knee jerk infraction
Kicking empathy over to rage

Too late to negotiate
What you think you know
Can you trust your training?
Or will you let it all go?

21 souls and counting
21 hours and the tension is mounting
21 beats of a dying heart
21 and I'm coming apart

Bolt Action Reaction
A dark day dawns
Bolt Action Reaction
Feel it coming on

Bolt Action Reaction
Lock 'n' load
Bolt Action Reaction
Here we go

Bolt Action Reaction... Bolt Action Reaction

© P. Armstrong 1/20/00


Keeper said...

I'm diggin this final(1) mix Moose! It occured to me to nudge up the leads in a place or two. I know the rythm needs to be bodacious behind there, but just a nudge? First impression...

Rocks the house!

Nice work on the lyrics Phil! Some poiniant stuff there!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You may be right... but I'm going to listen for awhile before I make any changes.

Thanks for the great comments, Keeper!

Keeper said...

When you are talking about mix it's always a matter of preference (even when you are talking about a "pro" mix). That's why some "pro" mixes get bad reviews from some "critics".

I have to listen some more too. I didn't say I couldn't hear them. Just that they could use a nudge in certain places IMHO. It's ALWAYS opinion with mix...

Anonymous said...

I deleted that comment as soon as I posted it.

Thanks, tho. Cheers!

Keeper said...

No problem... It's still a great piece...

And the lead volume is real close. I'm splitting hairs..

Keeper said...

I'll listen some more in a day or so and see if I can be real specific in case you agree once I do...

I hate to say it, but it's a fact that this sort of thing has a lot to do with the mood the listener is in so I should listen fresh and try to give specific feedback. I listened while doing other things. I will give it full focus soon so I can be more help rather than just raising vague questions...

Keeper said...

Moose, you mentioned before about one lead being a little lower than the other. I think that's what I'm hearing too. The slide is just a little bigger sounding than the other, and I guess that's cuz of the level? Maybe the slide sounds fatter cuz it's a chord.... which I guess is the nature of slide. If it were me I'd be thinking about making my non-slide sound just a little fatter in comparrison. First thing I'd try would be level. Cool...

Anonymous said...

I would say you are correct on both counts. Chorded leads do tend to sound bigger - and I wanted the slide to sound a little bigger so the tension doesn't drop off.

That said - the more I listen, the more the slide guitar sounds too loud for the mix, detracting from the impact of the stops that follow it. The lead riffs near the end are overpowering the vocals a bit, too. But there may yet be more that starts eating into my brain as I continue to listen on different sound systems. It's making the rounds now, so I'll probably have a corrected mix by midweek.

I'm retracking Road Trip using my new found presets for the opposing rhythm guitars from BAR. I'm liking the sound a lot... and it's so easy to set up and record! I'm also putting in a honky-tonk piano and different vocals for the chorus... but I digress.

Thanks for the input! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Master mix has been updated per Keeper's comments.

Getting on with a backlog of studio projects. Catch ya later.


Anonymous said...

Oh - and don't forget to clear your Internet browser before playing, or you may only hear the old arrangement.


Keeper said...

Yeah they sound more even. It really wasn't my suggestion. I was more just agreeing with your observation...