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The Dawn (Hard Rock)

THP - Lead, and rythm electric guitars
kenny_b - Bass
Fred E. Jam - Author music, and lyrics, producer, mix & master, vocals and all other insturments

I need your warmth, won't you bathe me in the light?
Give me some rest, as I'm weary from the fight
Daybreak seems a distant dream and I'm not sure I'll make it to the dawn

I need the light, let it warm a sorrowed soul
Let me feel safe, as I hear the day's sounds grow
I've fought the goodfight in my dreams but I'm not sure I'll make it to the dawn

Let there be peace, will yourself that it is so
Let this pain cease, and the light above to show
We've faced our fears so many times, Lord help us all to make it to the dawn

© 2006 Fred E. Jam

1 comment:

Breakfree74 said...

Yeah guys i really like this one, awesome arrangement and production....and i don't need to mention that the guitars kick ass do i ? ....OK so they do \m/