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Beautiful Afternoon (Rock)

MDK - Sax leads
The Funge - everything else
Far from the world that we know
Far from the maddening crowds
Leave all your woes, worries and your foes
And let's catch the next train to go

We'll stay by the sea so happy you and me
Walking as seagulls ascend on the wind
We lay on the sand with the sun beating down
Beautiful afternoon

As the tide retreats leaving us the beach
The blue skies reflected like paintings unseen
I looked you over and I gazed in your eyes
Then watching you smiling a moment in time

The meaningful glances we exchanged that day
Captured forever eternally made
Slowly enchanting we drift like the dunes
Beautiful afternoon

Time moves so quickly the days at an end
We make our way back and we're home once again
Remembering moments that keep our hearts warm
Words are spoken and promises sworn
© 2006 Billy Playle
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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