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Coming Home (Blues Rock)

Based on an idea by Paul Corr
Lyrics, & vocals - Dirge K
Bass - Pete (Europica)Romanouwski
Electric guitar - TheLucksta
Producer, arrangement, editing, drums, hammond organ, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, mix & master - Fred E. Jam

Walking through the destitutes,
I see I’ve got a friend in me,
I realise the delta stream has been trailing at my feet.

I’m coming home,
Runnin’ all the way,
I’m coming home.

I had a friend, let’s call her Phoenix,
She looked up like she’d seen a ghost,
The shock had set in before I could explain,that I was coming home.


Wherever I’m not wanted,
That’s where I want to be.
The scream-filled memories
Looking back, seem to make for
a homely smokescreen,
I’m coming home


Through my sojourn I wonder how
my return will spin this carousel,
At least they’ll know, I’ve learned alone how to abuse myself,

-Chorus- x2
©2004 Dirge K & Paul Corr
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios


Scotsman said...

This is the best song I’ve ever heard on a music collaboration
site, it’s got awesome lyrics and with the sweetest vocals
I’ve heard in a while, it make me close my eyes and move
with it.

Being a drummer i recognise the quality in the drums and that
is one well laid out drum track, brilliant man you hit it on the
head with that, toms bass drum cymbals all sound perfect, but
one has to remember the bass accompanying those drums is
just soothing the two just join together so naturally.

The guitar……….I’d been listening to it without lead for a few
days and when I heard The Lucksta I was like….WHAT….
awesome… made it a new song….well done. Then Heavy D I
had the same feeling but I thought it made it slightly heavier
kind of grungy at the start but a great piece of guitar. George’s
lead and guitar has to be my fave so far… I think, just the effect
on the guitar suits me I love that style.

Backing vocals are perfect, keyboard lovely…..praise praise
Praise………but I’m only a drummer who messes with sonar
but I do love that song………..that song could do things.


The Funge said...

Steady scotsman!

The obvious thing about this song is unquestionably the vocal. Perfection is rarely attained by professionals let alone the likes of us. I've heard some great singers and I'd put her up there amongst them and believe me, I don't often bandy words about like 'great' too often.
Her voice is flawless and she makes it sound almost effortless.
She so understood the nature of voicing, phrasing and lyric writing all combined to a profressional clarity.

Well done to Fred for bringing this to completion.


DirgeK's mum said...

Nicola had an incredible mind but like many great artists past and present she was close to the edge and as many before did not stay long in the world. I am very grateful to Fred for helping to preserve the talent that she left for present and future generations to enjoy. You are doing a brilliant job Fred.
Her inventiveness can also be seen in her artwork, if you look at the CD cover she designed in the photo gallery you can see a deck chair in the form of the inside of the ear with headphones incorporated. Very clever I thought.

Dirge K's Mum said...

Coming Home no 3 in
the R &B charts on KIAC,

DirgeK's mum said...

This song has been added to 'Heavy Rotation' on KIAC, the number 1 station for tracks with major representation on the playlists at KIAC and elsewhere. It is currently no 2 in R & B charts, 2nd to Beat Dancin and number 320 in overall charts of 25,000 songs.
The combination of Dirge's voice and Fred's production really seems to be a great one, people love it. Who knows what could have been.............
Well done to everyone, you are all so talented.

DirgeK's mum said...

This song is currently no 11 in overall charts out of 28,000 songs, no 1 in R & B charts and no 7 in the big 50. i am holding my breath to see if it will reach no 5 in Big 50.

DirgeK's mum said...

I'm feeling so happy today, the song made it to no 5 in the Big 50 and that will be recorded for eternity next to the song. Please all FJammers keep supporting this song it might even manage no 1 with your help by clicking this link and playing the song.