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Heaven or Hell (Hard Rock)

Bass - Shizack
Backing vocals - Luke S
Drums, editing, arrangement - Fred E. Jam (keeper)
Lead vocals, lyrics, arrangement, mix, master Curtis Downey
All guitars, author music, producer - Torie Patterson (Dad5150)

I have played with saitin's child
and I have walked with Christ
I have been around this land
searching for advice

I don't know where I will turn
heaven or to hell
maybe someday I will learn
only time will tell

I've been wonderin' all along
where do I belong
Take my hand or take my pride
make me proud or strong

pain will heal or blood will burn
in heaven or in hell
someday I will take that turn
but I don't know which bell

I been down this road before
I don't know where to turn
sometimes I wish I'd cry
someday, maybe someday I'll learn

I have ran, with the devil
and I have prayed to god
I've traveled down a broken road
I've swam in the pond

I don't know where I will turn
heaven or to hell
© 2006 Torie Patterson & Curtis Downey
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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