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Who You Are (Rock)

Lyrics : Simplexmax
Music and Vocals : The Funge

Four O'clock in the morning
Shadows gliding on the wall
Grab your things so silently
Never say goodbye at all

The Mariachi could play all night
We could slow dance at the bar
But all the wine and tequila my friend
Wouldn't stop me wondering
Exactly who you are

Got a real fascination
And it's tearing me apart
I believe that I am what you want in a man
But I have to know exactly who you are

Catch the train at the station
Never let them see you smile
Make your way across the river baby
Memories are running wild

Did you think you would just forget
The way we made love in the car?
When you wear that red dress again
I will find out baby exactly who you are

And as you finally meet my gaze
We are no longer apart
We will drive to my villa baby
And tonight I'll find out exactly who you are

Salsa outro..........
©2006 Billy Playle & Simplex Max
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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