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Just The Same (Rock)

Words and Music © 2002 Nick Sabadosh
Nick Sabadosh - All vocals & instruments, arrangement, and mixing.
Bruce Johnson - Outro chord progression

Take it from me
You can't always see
The forest for the trees
You think she's the one
You think that it's true
But then she breaks the news

I gave her my heart
I gave her my soul
How was I to know she'd let me go?
She gave me no time
She gave me no reason
She never even said goodbye
And she never said why

Now all day and all through the night
I'm trying to understand
How could something that seemed so right
Turn so bad in the end?

I gave you my heart
I gave you my soul
How was I to know you'd let me go?
You gave me no time
You gave me no reason
You never even said goodbye

You're just the same
You're just like all the rest
I'll take the blame
And all this loneliness


The Funge said...

Wow! That's excellent Nick. What a great song. You really thought about the production and layout. You've got a great voice as well. First class sir!

NickSab said...

Thanks so much! Very kind of you.