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The Watch Of The Lord (Christian)

Fred E. Jam - drums, mix, & master
Billy Playle - piano, orchestra
Mariana Gatlin (Emmy) - Author music,lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar

All around the world, babies are crying deep in the night
Mothers trying, children dying, until the end they fight

All around the world, God's people cry out into the night
Interceding for His name as He pours out waters of life

They're marching in the battle of the heaven leagues
For the Lord's return to Israel to set the captives free

At the watch of the Lord, we're striking down with a holy sword
Evil principalities, persecutions and disease
We're in the heart of the Father deep into the night
By the blood we claim the victory, we claim our heavenly rights
O Israel, we lift you up until all is restored
Blow the trumpet, sound the alarm, for the watch of the Lord

We are a circle of holy hands, a tower for God's strength and power
Waving a banner, by the hour
God we lift up a watch for You, praying for what's on Your heart
Calling all the saints to join us, all praise to You we impart
The end-times are upon us, Holy Spirit come and fill the land!
We're praying Jesus back to Israel to rule with His mighty hand


The watch of the Lord 3X

© Mariana Gatlin
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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