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Peacock People (Rock)

Drums, mix, and master - Keeper
All other instruments, vocals, and author - Dealer

In my mind I have a vision of a world that's free and true
Gonna be a real transition, It's gotta start with me and you

In the city there's a fountain, nature's mirror looking down
Different colors in the water, Different people all around

Showing off to boost their egos, peacock people in the rain
Why can't they all be like Jesus? Why they all be the same?


scotsman said...

Thats a cool song.....well done

The Funge said...

I really enjoyed this song. Nice playing Mr. Dealer. The sax is very cool sounding. The mix is bang on Fred......all the instruments are clear and have their own space. I love the lyrics and the nice easy way in which they were delivered. Well done guys!!


Keeper said...

Yeah another from the archives. Dealer is like me. A busker, that plays strictly by ear...

I have hundreds in the vaults. LOL

Thanks again!