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Strange (Alt. Rock)

Katie Lee Rush - Author melody, lyrics, and vocal
Fred E. Jam - All instruments except bass guitar, mix, master, and arrangement.
Mystery bassist (Katie's friend).

I wake up strange
Is it just make believe, can we see?
I call on the phone
No sanity left in me, I'm alone

I lie in bed
The vacant spaces inside my head
With an empty page you came
With empty words I hold back my rage

I wake up strange,
I wake up changed

Now can you feel
The shrieking shout strapped inside my mouth
Now can't you see
I'm caught the in spider webs in me

I'm still reaching
The abyss of my soul
And I'm told, life isn't fair
Unleash my memories when I'm scared

I wake up strange,

strange places yeah

I woke up strange

Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios


stonehead said...

Nice one Fred and Katie well done

DirgeK's mum said...

Very good. Great vocal and I love the lead guitar and arrangement. Hopefully the first of many great collaborations.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Fred I like it and Katie sounds great on vocals.