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Nevada Born (Pop-Rock)

Lyrics - Phil Armstrong
Music - Paul Armstrong

Nevada Born

I’m a High Plains Drifter
A back room grifter
Part a fool from his money
Make him pay to concede
Degenerate deeds
Are the way I get by
I’m a pagan by nature
Always take what I need
‘cause I’m driven by greed
In every game that I play

Nevada born and bred
Vice runs thru my veins
I’m a 21st century cowboy
And I’m holding the reins

Burnin’ up the road
From Vegas to Tahoe
Shakin down the rubes
It’s the way that I roll
Trust ain’t a term
That I comprehend
I’m a lone wolf livin’
Off the fat of the land
I use loaded dice
I stack the deck
Can’t take chances
When you’re risking your neck
I’ve counted all the cards
In this game of Life
It takes out the mystery
Avoids the strife
I know the outcome
Before the game starts
My profit margin
Is bustin’ apart

I’m the wheeler
The dealer
Got wounds?
I’m your healer
The man with the answers
I set rooms aclamor
With my presence
- ‘cause vice is my essence

Nevada born and bred
Got my world by the balls
Never gonna let go
‘til they’re climbing the walls
I’m the High Plains Drifter
You can call me The Grifter
If you’re a fool with money
It’ll be mine before the night is over
I’m watchin’ ‘em
Nevada born and bred
I got vice in my veins

P. Armstrong 4/5/08

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