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Bricks & Mortar (Funk)

Lyrics :DirgeK/Alison Hazelwood
Vocals and melody : Myndi Anjuli
Music : Jamie Kerr

This ain’t a comfy living environment,
while my bricks and mortar surround

the adjoining buildings aren’t sharing the burden
brick by brick I’m entombed

in a round-about way I’m saying give me some space

my bricks and mortar
my paranoia is not out of proportion
check the blueprints that you have laid

i’m a paranoid girl,
when I’m outside duelling with passing cars
hoping they’ll clear me some space
my bricks and mortar are shook to their foundations
this is what the voices say

A golden-haired beauty.

Her eyes, two cobalt blue crystals, sparkling with mischief, whilst secretly laughing at us all.

Her lips as red as pomegranates and a smile that's warmth could radiate a hall.

A genius.

Her mind could weave a web around each one of us and would leave us all to spin along in awe. 
Such captivating stories, though true or not... we never could be sure!

A comic.

A natural born entertainer... her speed and wit would put us all to shame.
Her jokes, impressions... assassinations (!) inevitably led to small-time fame. 

An artist.

A flick of a brush, a scratch of a pen

Bricks and Mortar © Dirge K 2004
Alison Hazelwood © 2008

1 comment:

Keeper said...

I really love how this came out! Kudos all around, and especially for you for not giving up on your search for a vocalist Jill! Your persistence has paid off Bigtime!

Oh BTW: I didn't do anything else to the mix. When I got in there and looked at your waveform it was plenty hot, and didn't need mastering... Well done!