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Forsake Reality (Blues Rock)

- Keeper's Arrangement, Mix, and Master
- Moose's Arrangement, Mix, and Master

Lyrics - Phil Armstrong
Bass, Rhodes, and Rock organ rythm - Kenny B.
Hammond organ rythm & lead, distorted guitar rythm & leads, drums, mix/master, producer, editor, - Fred E. Jam
Author music, clean guitar rythm, vocal - Sean M.
Backing vocals, mad orchestra, artwork - Moose

Arranged by Sean M. and Fred E. Jam

Our love was a work of art
‘til tragedy came
Never mend this broken heart
Dying in shame
All of the emptiness
Will never be filled
Embrace insanity,
Drowning in my tears, like falling rain
Forsake reality,
Choking down the years I’ll live in vain
V2 extended
Brought out the best in me
And then she was gone
Erase the rest of me
Don’t want to go on
Lost my identity
When she left this world

Memories condemning me
I’m at fault and it’s killing me

She was my everything
My body and soul

Or maybe it was just a dream
On my knees I start to scream

All that’s left are memories… that won’t fade away
Our love was a symphony… that no longer plays
Won’t you please come back for me… I’m going insane

She paid the final price
I’m missing her so
And I pray she’s forgiven me
Can’t believe she’s not here with me
C2 extended
Embrace insanity,
Wander thru my mind, you’re just the same
Forsake reality,
Angry at the Heavens, scream your name
Embrace insanity,
Looking at the world just out of reach
Forsake reality,
Couldn’t learn the lessons life would teach
Embrace insanity,
Drowning in my tears, like falling rain
Forsake reality,
Choking down the years I’ll live in vain
Embrace Insanity
Drowning in my tears, like falling rain
Forsake reality,
Choking down the years I’ll live in vain
P. Armstrong 1/20/09

© 2009 Sean (MLINYHI) & Phil Armstrong (Inngr8)
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios


Keeper said...

Ok it's in place now Moose. Have a look. See what I mean about the huge F-Jam logo at the top of the page negating the need to put F-Jam in the graphic too? We want to graphic to portray the drama, not be an ad for F-Jam. The log at the top does that already. Nice work man! Can I get a minus F-Jam version of this? Thanks!

Keeper said...

Damn I can't type! hehe

Inngr8 said...

Looks like Moose might be the "go to" guy. Definitely a Moose of many talents. Wondering if we could use this graphic if we should happen to post the song to OurStage or a similar site. Please think about it Moose.

Anonymous said...

The graphic is a contribution, as are any other efforts I put into F-Jam projects... when I am able.

Glad you guys like it.

Anonymous said...

I've just posted my production/remix of Forsake Reality on Soundclick:

Hope you guys enjoy it! Great tune!

Keeper said...


I noticed you had a reduced size graphic for this track on your SC. That might be the one to give Phil to use on when he posts on there. You did give him permission to use your graphics right? The reduced graphic wihout any words on it I liked that idea. The graphics speak volumes alone to me. The words don't hurt it, as is, but the visual is strong and the words not really needed.... Just my two cents worth....

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Feel free to use the graphic as you like.

(I also just sent you the banner without the title in it and a copy of the thumbnail version).

Have fun! /;)

Anonymous said...

I just posted a dynamic remix in place of my original track slammer.

Be sure to clear your browser cache (in Firefox, go to Tools/Options/Advanced/Network, and click the Clear Now button on your Cache), or you may wind up only hearing the previous mix for the next week or so - depending upon your settings.


Anonymous said...

There's now Forsake Reality Remix2 posted:

A bit heavier mix than my last.