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The Light Is Fading (Soft Pop)

Norm Harris - Music, lyrics & acoustic guitar
Andy (Rough Diamond) - Vocals
Bobby Watson - Bass
Rodney - Piano & Cellos
Fred E. Jam (keeper) - Drums

It's not so easy now
every time I look at you
I see the changes
that draw us apart

If I could I would
ease the pain
but there is no power in me
and I don't know where to start

I see the changes that draw us apart

We'll never know
what the future holds in store for us
and we cannot hold on to the past

If I could I would
ease the strain
but there is too much fear in me
and I know it will not last

It's now you say
it's getting late
for looking to the new dawn
but deep inside this life, this fate
holds me with comfort drawn

Some days the sun shines in your eyes
sometimes your too tired to care
but there's a spark within you lies
and past and future days are what we share


Is there ever a time
to let it go?
Is there ever a time
to sink so low?
Is there ever a time
to say I know?
Is there ever?

As I settle down
to think about you
I see the light
fading so fast
If I could I would
numb the pain
but this would be for me
as the light becomes overcast

© 2006 Norman Harris

1 comment:

Keeper said...

This song always makes me think of my Mom too Norm, and to a lesser extent, my Dad. It really captures the feeling I had in my Mom's final days. I was alone in the room with my Mom when she passed. It was traumatic to say the least. She was in hospice and we were waiting for it to happen, but it still caught me off guard. It definitely braings back memories when I listen to this!

Well done!