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Newfoundland (Folk)

Fred E. Jam - Drums
Billy Playle - Author, all other instruments

Dark was the night
Cold was the night
There's a storm closing in from the east
The sea's in a rage
The lights begin to fade
As they leave their loved ones behind

And the ship set sail with a crew no-one could save
They'd been across two oceans and lived to tell the tale
Had faith in their captain as they searched for distant lands
And paid the price for Newfoundland

Two months at sea
Fighting disease
Looking for the will to carry on
With hope in their hearts
And dread in their minds
They finally made the crossing just in time

And there for all to see was the land they did seek
Laid bare in all it's beauty and a chance for us to keep
They would be the first to start a colony aground
They paid the price for the Newfoundland

They traded with the Inuit for furs and deals on land
The French would often squabble for better fishing grounds
Then farms began to grow and Carabou were raised
The natives fled to Labrador as mining began to reign

Then one fateful night in 1749
A fire spread so fierce it took many lives
The smoke hung in the air
Misery and death everywhere
Mans faith was surely tested there

From ashes we will rise
Our love for life remains
We build our lives and dreams upon this hallowed ground
We owe it to our forefathers
who searched for distant lands
And paid the price for the Newfoundland
© 2006 Billy Playle
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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keeper said...

How would be for a graphic for this song?