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That's How We'll End It (Pop)

Author melody, lyrics, vocals & intense inspiration - Nicola (Dirge K.)
Author music, electric lead gtr, rythm gtr, and bass - Paul Corr
Producer, Drums, orchestration, spanish gtr, arrangement, editing, mix/master - Fred E. Jam
Special thanks to Nicola's Mum Jill for bringing this song to F-Jam to be produced, and keeping Dirge alive in her music! We all miss her! God bless you!

That’s how we’ll end it
I’m a weight lifted from your shoulders.
No point in saying the reps we're a superfluous strain

I get the picture; it’s spontaneously been emblazoned
on an invoice to recipients of a dying flame.
Stoically I sit, it’s reasonable to end it I say

But I’ve no recourse to judge anyone
when they leave on me isn't it just what I asked for?
Isn’t it just?

I’m a vacant space with no walls
no doors to kick down
Now watch me now watch it, all fall out


That’s how we’ll end it
in a gentle but deceptive hector
I always thought I was the expert in abandonment

All those fatuous threats
I made to free myself of you
Now I see, it’s you who’s hedged your bets
© 2004 Dirge K & Paul Corr
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios


The Funge said...

She definately had a way with words. Bravo! to everyone involved sounds cool. Nice production Fred. There it is...the finished song.
Billy. (The Funge).

fiddlercrab said...

Well done everyone on this one.
Very professional

Dirge K's mum said...

Thanks so much for this Freddy on behalf of myself and my family, you did a brilliant job. I will keep this with me on my iPod for all time. I'm loving the Spanish guitar.

keeper said...

Thanks folks! Nicola has inspired me on more than a few of the tunes I've worked on with her, and it seems she affected everyone this way!

We have more in the wings waiting to be brought to fruition! Jill has quite a library of Nic's productions, and has shared it with us, so we hope to see a lot more of this sort of thing! I've enjoyed it emmensely, and it's brought a new sadness in that she's passed!

Corrus said...


Due to wedding (4 days to go...) and house move (13 days to go....) I haven't been able to get involved in this reworking and polishing, but I am pleasantly surprised with the final result.

Well done!

DirgeK's mum said...

This song has been added to KIAC Hitline

DirgeK's mum said...

KIAC Hitline Review by Music Mistress

Easy beat, slightly jazzy shuffle and a voice that just touches lightly but obviously is holding back some power with a restrained but creative, 'under the breath' style that fits perfectly here. Some very orchestral touches combined with Spanish guitar solo make this a very interesting mixed genre song - JAWZ added to station 10/13/2007 4:30:42 AM

anne said...

holy mither, this is one powerful vocal - surrounded by a wonderful musical bed.

i truly don't know how any more emotion could possibly be crammed into each syllable.

i respectfully bow to all involved on this one,

Keeper said...

While I do not do it outwardly this song makes me weep inside when I listen it and read her lyrics. She had an extremely intense style that just grabs you by the throat and makes you feel her pain...

I do every time I listen.

She is missed sorely by everyone who knew her, and feel blessed to be amongst those...

DirgeK's mum said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. This song was in the Big50 before the crash on IAC but when the page came back it was no longer there.

Keeper said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. This song was in the Big50 before the crash on IAC but when the page came back it was no longer there.

Kinda makes you wonder why you gave them money does it not?