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Scraps and Crumbs of Kindness (Pop)

Mix, master, edit - Fred E. Jam (Keeper)
All insturments, author music, arrangement, mix - Billy Playle (The Funge)
Vocals, author lyrics, and melody - Buck Stewart (ZzEeAaLl)

Feeling weak and lost
So empty and alone
How long can I last
With nothing but the past

I tried to let you know
The hunger that I feel
But you no longer give
The love I need to live

Scraps and crumbs of kindness
Are all I get from you
I can’t make it thru on
Scraps and crumbs of kindness
What can I do?

Once the taste of love
Was tender on your skin
I felt so satisfied
but that was when you tried

Now my empty plate
And cup full of tears
Lie broken on the floor
Like my soul, mon-amour

Did I let you down? I wish I knew, I try to guess
This is so hard to swallow, I confess
Our love has grown cold
If you know why, you won’t tell me to my face
You just persist... pretending with...

Scraps and crumbs of kindness
Won't make our love grow
I'm starving oh so slow on
Scraps and crumbs of kindness
Where did your love go....

© Billy Playle & Buck Stewart 2006

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