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Your Love Endures (Pop Rock)

Lyrics and all vocals - Kenny Bruce
All music and Audio Editing - Billy Playle (The Funge)
Mixed and Mastered by Billy Playle

Last night they came to my door
To take me away once more
Don't worry don't forget
Circumstances it ain't over yet

It's not easy to take a stand
Wonder why I was dealt this hand
Let go of the guilt and regret
Whatever God has is the best thing yet

Iv'e been cleansed by the Holy water
Restored my soul put my house in order
Situations try to pull me down
Your always there always there all around

Your love endures forever
As long as we surrender
Your love it sets me free
You will always be with me.

© Billy Playle & Kenny Bruce 2006
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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