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3 Time Blueser (Blues Rock)

Pat (rattlehed) Angus - Lead guitar
Fred E Jam (FJ) - Music, lyrics, & all parts except lead guitar
Cary- Mix/Master

Am I ever gonna learn?
Am I ever gonna learn my lesson?
You know my baby left me and I just can't find her nowhere
I had two strikes against me and I just didn't listen
When you told me that your love I'd be missing
I'm a three time blueser, and it ain't getting through to me

I want to talk to you
I want to tell you that you got me all wrong
That woman I was with, well she don't mean a thing to me
I had two strikes against me and I knew I was wrong
And you told me I'd be singing this song
I'm a three time blueser, and baby won't you listen to me

Nothing left for me
There's nothing left for me but the blues
And I can't understand why she didn't even slam the door
It's me and the bottle, and we're all alone
I got the blues it'll bring it on home
I'm a three time looser, and my baby wouldn't listen to me

C'mon baby listen to me!
Let me tell you how it was!
You got it all wrong!
©2004 Fred E Jam
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dont like to hear that much guitar in a song even if its Jimi Hendrix playing it. The guitar as with any instrument should only be there to compliment the vocals. You should always leave the listener wanting to hear more of your instrument and not wanting to cram it up your ---. A few well placed and tasteful licks goes allot farther than a bunch of them.