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Secret Suizie (Blues Rock)

Lyrics - Andy Furlong
Music - written by Fred E. Jam, arranged by Mark Magil
Produced by Mark Magil & Fred E. Jam
Guitars - Mark Magil
Bass - Fred Chadwick (special thanks to Paulo Gomes)
Fender Rhodes & Hammond Organ - Paulo Gomes
Vocals & drums - Fred E. Jam

I've been living like a liar
Living in the line of fire
I won't ever face the world
Suzie is my secret girl
We meet up and spend the day
It will always be that way

Suzie is my secret
My secret's safe with Sue
Suzie is my lifeline
When she says 'I love you'
There's no way that Suzie
Would ever let me down

I keep it under my hat
No-one knows where we're at
What happens when we kiss
We do that and we do this
We keep it on the down low
Who knows where this will go

I can't tell you what we do
This is a private rendezvous
She takes me to heaven above
We make sweet, sweet love
Suzie is my secret
My secret's safe with Sue
©2003 Andy Furlong & Fred E. Jam
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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