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Loving You Is Easy (Pop)

Brian - Ironman - Lyrics
Fred E. Jam - Drums & percussion
Billy Playle - Author & all other instruments

I may not know how you feel
And I may not read your mind
I don't know what it is you're thinking
Or what it is I need to do

Never found a girl like you before
With a blink of an eye I've found a whole lot more
I've never loved like this before
So many hours alone up in my room
Then I found you

Chorus -
I just know When I wrap my arms around you I feel safe
And my body doesn't want to let go
I just know I want to build my life around you
I feel ready to let go and settle down

I don't know if you're feeling all of this
Or if you're ready to let it all go
I don't know how to be what you want me to be
And simply open up the depth of my soul

So I keep my arms open and my eyes on your heart
Ready for you to hold me
You know I haven't used these words for a very long long time
But it looks like we're falling in love falling in love

Chorus -

I'll never let you go and I'll never let you down
Or make you pay for a past that was once mine
Ijust want to leave it where it was
'Cos this is our move me



© 2006 Brian & Billy Playle

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