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Montego Bay (Pop)

Fred E. Jam - Harmonica
Billy Playle - Everything else

It was a steaming hot afternoon
when our plane touched down
there were people with smiles as wide as mine
their greeting was warmer than the sun
a tall Senorita blew me a kiss
then I ran for the shade like a lamb
two weeks of fun in this Paradiso mile
where business is good I see why

The moon at night sets the mood
and I'm falling
falling for her charms she calls me
never want to leave
that's why I'm back again on the road again
back to the place that I love

Montego Bay
Laughter and fun everyday
Montego Bay

The ice in my drink starts to melt in the heat
while beads of sweat cool my brow
down by a yacht there's a party in swing
and it's only a quarter to three
the scorced white sand takes you down to the sea
where the crashing waves divide
brown skinned ladies and watermelon men
competing for space to fry

But come the night they'll be out on the town
shaking what they've got
down by the old piazza and bar
down by this old quayside town
creole talk and fish steaming
back to the place that I love

Montego Bay
all the talk is of yesterday
Montego Bay
here in my heart today

© 2006 Billy Playle

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