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Been There Done That (Christian)

Fred Jam - drums, keys, trumpet & mastering
Jeff Learman - bass
Mariana Gatlin - Author music, lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar
mixed by Kenny Bruce

Been there, done that honey, had a good time spent all of my money
Now it's time to get it back
My train of thought's on the right track I know where it's headed and I
can't go back
Because I've been there, done that

I've got my wheels a-rolling, I've got Jesus by my side
One thing that I've learned is from Him you cannot hide
I was on a dead-end highway Satan ran me off the road
I wouldn't let him have me, I walked away from that heavy load


I sowed some wild oats, ya know, and I harvested some weeds
Now I'm plowing up my fallow ground, planting brand new seeds
There's so many out there having fun they don't know which way to turn
The devil's sure enough got 'em fooled, he'd love to see them burn


Trumpet - Paino

Break away and hear His voice, break away, you've got the choice
He'll comfort you, He'll see you through o can't you hear Him knocking
He'll turn your life around if you just let Him in

Well, I've been there, done that honey,now I know where to spend my money
The devil will never get me back
My train of thought's on the right track, I made the right choice and I'm so glad
That I've been there, done that, yeah, yeah, I thank God I done that

I've been to the foot of the cross, and I gave ny heart to Jesus
Been there, done that too, yeah.

© Mariana Gatlin
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

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