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Hero (Christian)

Billy Playle - All orchestrated strings
Electric guitar, bass - Kenny Bruce
Mariana Gatlin - Author music, lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar

There's a new life growing inside of you, you're wondering what you're gonna do
You could pay somebody to throw it away but you'll keep on paying your dues
Please take it from someone who knows you'd be throwing away part of your very soul

You know that you came from somewhere, you can be who you choose to be
But now you've got the chance to be something real to somebody
I pray for the whole world to see,
That child inside you will show how to become someone's hero

Someone's hero, don't make her a zero
You can be strong if you just hold on then
You'll find more love than you could ever know
When you become someone's hero

So if you just can't be that strong, there's someone out there who can
Lift your face up to heaven and God will help you plan
He'll take care of you if you just give Him the chance
He's inside your little angel, she's not just a circumstance

So if you've got the money and you've made up your mind please STOP
Right now and pray, one day you'll have to face the Almighty Creator
So come to His throne, you won't be alone, let your little angel lead the way!
Don't make her a zero, you can be strong if you just hold on
Then you'll find more love than you could ever know when you become someone's hero
Yeah, yeah... become someone's hero... yeah, Become someone's hero

© Mariana Gatlin
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

1 comment:

The Funge said...

Fred - Ken
I didn't track the electric guitar or the bass guitar. I did just the strings. Ken you did the bass and elctric guitar right?