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Love Itself (Christian)

Fred E. Jam - Mastering
Kenny Bruce - all instruments except acoustic guitar and chimes
Mariana Gatlin - author music, lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar, chimes

You caress me with the wind You cleanse me with the rain
You dry my tears with your sunshine and You warm my soul again
You sing to me through the trees You shine on me through the stars
You enchant me underneath the sea and You rest me on your shores

Oh... Creator my Mediator... my Savior... Love Itself
Oh.. Creator Illuminator... My Savior... Love Itself...
You're Love

Fill my mind refresh my heart renew my spirit with all that you are
See with my eyes feel with my soul reach out with my hands redeem and make whole oh...

Oh... Creator my Mediator... my Savior... Love Itself...
Oh... Creator Illuminator... My Savior... You're Love Itself!

Illuminate this vessel take the darkness away a sweet surrender to all Your ways

Oh... Creator my Mediator... my Savior... Love Itself
Oh... Creator Illuminator... You're my Savior, You're Love Itself
You're Love Itself
Savior, Love...

© Mariana Gatlin
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

1 comment:

keeper said...

This one is nice, but there is timing pronlems with the vocals.