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Tall Shadow (Rock)

Acoustic guitar - Jox
Author lyrics, and vocal melody - Buck Stewart (ZzEeAaLl)
Drums, bass, lead guitar, orchestra, synths, arrangement, mix & master - Fred E. Jam (Keeper)

Tall shadow
Riding out of the sun
A silhouette in the saddle
Where're you gonna run?

Your guns have grown cold
Your heart is hidden away
Under dark ugly scars
From another day

-guitar lead-

Silence clings to you
Like the dust on your boots
You made your bet long ago
No one knows your roots

Something in the firelight
Says you were kicked when you were down
Coiled like steel but slow and easy
You wear your suspicions like a crown

©Buck Stewart / August 2007
Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

1 comment:

The Funge said...

Wow! I had to listen this again to believe my ears. This is a great little song. Is that really you singing Buck? I loved the intro with the ac. guitar - lends a kind of sad solitary feel but then that killer guitar! that's really kicking ass in there. The drums are just perfect with a neat and not too intrusive bass line really compliments this. There's some excellent skullduggery going on in the mixing stage here.....those delay vocals that also get panned left to right are quite innovative and work wonders here. Then there's the synth lines at the end which just turns the feel of the song on it's head....excellent!! Everything sounds so clear and concise - so top marks there Fred. All in all I'd say 10 out of 10 for this one gentlemen. A bloody good listen. I enjoyed. Thanks!