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Fun Time (Jazz/Pop)

Music, lyrics and vocals - Billy Playle
Drums - Mike Kosacek
Two days until the weekend
Two days until the fun begins
I count the hours
That's nothing new
It opens up the door
To go just where you want to go
We'll find our way
Get on board today.....Fun time

We're heading there
Where the sun shines
And coral reefs are made
Then along the coast to Barry's
Then the fun begins
Two weeks of fun.

The view just as the sun sets
Is just about as good as it gets
It makes you understand the scheme of things
With my wife beside me
Makes me happy, happy never sad
May there always time

I want to stay
The waves are gently rolling in
So let us sail away
Just as long as we're together
Let us sail away......away.
© 2007 Billy Playle

Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios

1 comment:

Keeper said...

Topnotch work guys! Really enjoyed this collaboration!