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Shoe Fetish (Hard Rock)

Lead vocal, lyrics, & percussion - Dirge K
All instruments, backing vocal (harmonies), arrangement, mix, & master - Fred E. Jam (Keeper)
Special thanks to Davidinoz Timmson for vocal edit

Why don’t you get yourself a shoe-fetish ?
Unfettered lust goes unchecked round here,
Mainly because it’s in my head,
Mainly because it’s in my head,

All I ask…(is)
Don’t manhandle my sandal
And be careful not to get my platform shat-on.


Don’t manhandle my sandal
I’m the type of shoe-wearer who would frown upon such a jpeg.

© Dirge K 2005

Produced at F-Jam Online Musical Studios


Dirge K's Mum said...

shoe fet has reached no 9 on chart. might get a radio play on rdio boudaki (sunlight radio) on thurs eve.


Dave said...

I liked it. :) Really good keys. I don't know all the names in music,
but to me it sounds like Amy Winehouse channeling Steely Dan in a
with Frank Zappa. Cool..

DirgeK's mum said...

I find this record really good for busting stress. When I'm having a bad day at work I play it loud on my iPod during my breaks or at lunchtime and when I've listened to it a few times I feel much better !