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Turn On The Day (Rock)

Cox - all instruments other than drums, vocals, author
Keeper - drums


The Funge said...

Wow! This song really rawks!! Nice production and I love the instrumental part later in the song. The drums are great Fred.
It would have been nice to read the lyrics as I couldn't make out some of the vocals. Very fine song!


Keeper said...

Yeah I agree about the lyrics. This was one of those projects where the communication was very poor... I didn't even get told about this finished track until many months after it was finished... I wouldn't have even have known if I had not asked. I don't even know all of the credits, much less the lyrics... Some things you just learn not to chase after, and just let it go chalking it up to experience. It's funny how people can be.

If by chance I come across more information I'll post it. I might have it in my archives somewhere. I have been pulling out tracks from my archives and putting them in the new jukebox I'm putting up (and radio).

and here (respectively)

I have tons of tracks in my archives that will eventually end up in these playlists...

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it...