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Raving Roger (Hard Rock)

Eddie Wilson - guitars
Ian (Stonehead)Burrage - Bass, Drums, Vocals, Author music and lyrics, producer, mix
Fred E. Jam - Master

Raving Roger
( Burrage )
Raving Rogers in a rubber room
He still knows the words he's lost the tune
Devoted fans seem not to care
No one comes to see him rocking there

Raving Rogers in a rubber room
This stars effected by the moon
Once the wild man of rock ‘n’ roll
An imbalance rooted in his soul

Push him shove him
The kids love him he’s mad
After all he had
Buy him sell him
But don't you tell him he’s mad
You’ve been had

Raving Rogers in a rubber room
He’s quite happy in his padded tomb
With all the madness he sees today
He wouldn’t have it any other way

Raving Rogers in a rubber room
He’s sitting quietly but very soon
He’ll take the stage for another show
This act an audience will never know.

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